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Clackamas Workforce Partnership

Board Policies

Administrative Policies:

A-01 Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest

A-02 Record Retention, Maintenance, Disposition, Disclosure and Confidentiality

A-03 Public Records Requests

A-04 Membership Appointment

A-05 Decision Making Authority of the Full Board of Directors and the Executive Committee

A-07 Board Member Travel Policy

A-08 Public Notice and Public Meetings

A-10 One-Stop Center (or American Job Center) Certification Policy

A-11 Non-Criminal Grievance and Complaint Process

A-12 Insurance Requirements

Board Resolutions:

RS-01 Establishing Signatory Authority

RS-02 Power to Execute Contracts

Fiscal Policies:

F-01 Incident Reporting Requirements

F-02 Meeting Expenses

F-03 Audit and Audit Resolutions

F-04 Debt Collection

F-05 Program Income

F-06 Procurement of Goods and Services

F-07 Property Management Standards

Program Policies:

P-01 Quality Assurance and Program Oversight Reviews

P-02 Protection of Confidential Information and Data

P-03 Incentive Payment

P-04 Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Requirements and Attachments for Posting

P-05 Youth Program Eligibility

P-06 Self-Sufficiency Attainment Goal

P-07 Priority Populations

P-08 Supportive Services

P-09 Needs-Related Payments (NRPs)

P-10 Work Experience

P-11 Individual Training Accounts

P-13 On-The-Job Training (OJT)

P-14 Customized Training

P-15 National Emergency Grant and Additional Assistance Project/Gap Fill

P-16 Selective Service Registration Requirements


About Clackamas Workforce Partnership

Clackamas Workforce Partnership, formerly known as Workforce Investment Council of Clackamas County, is a nonprofit organization which serves as an advocate for workforce development within Clackamas County and the State of Oregon. Our mission is to address critical workforce, educational, and training challenges, and develop a skilled workforce that meets the needs of businesses and strengthens the local economy of Clackamas County. Learn more about us.