Trends, Data And Annual Reports

Jobs And Economic Impact

The Clackamas Workforce Partnership makes a significant economic contribution to the regional economy. It helps move people into jobs and increases their earning potential. It benefits the business community by filling hiring needs, enhancing worker productivity through training, and stimulating consumer spending. Finally, the public as a whole benefits from reduced unemployment rates and a positive return on government investment.

State of the Workforce 2023

This comprehensive report provides information about the quality of the workforce, available and projected jobs, and describes some of the challenges and opportunities facing our region. The 2022-23 State of the Workforce report is particularly pertinent to the current moment, as it documents the fluid landscape of our region’s labor market as we emerge from the disruption of the coronavirus pandemic.

For more information, please contact Liza Morehead, Research and Data Analyst for Worksystems at 503-478-7327. Additional labor market information can also be found at Quality Info.

We are committed to providing and using high quality data to guide our training investments and to advance the region’s capacity to understand and align regional workforce supply with industry demand. 

If you have a request for data that is unavailable in the State of the Workforce report, please contact us

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