Sources And Uses

What is the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA)

The purpose of WIOA is to increase for individuals, particularly those individuals with barriers to employment, access to and opportunities for the employment, education, training, and support services they need to succeed in the labor market. Clackamas Community Colleges Workforce Development and Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization serves these and other adults and dislocated workers who generally live and/or work in Clackamas County in order to help them find jobs, keep jobs, and advance in jobs, with an additional special priority of service provided to veterans and their eligible spouses. The project promotes and supports skill development of the local workforce through the local integrated model of service provision in our local American Job Center, WorkSource Clackamas.

Grant & Direct Service Awards



CWP Funding Streams

During the program year, CWP maintains our focus on increasing and diversifying our organizations funding streams to provide innovative programs supporting workers and businesses in Clackamas County. Independently and in partnership with other organizations, we apply for and receive funding from federal, state, county, and city entities, as well as private foundations. Fundraising efforts throughout the year result in increased investment and/or donations by our board members, the business community, and other interested parties. 

A copy of our sources and uses one pager is available here.

Sources and Uses


Jan Filgas, Program Manager – Adult & Dislocated Worker

Amy Black, Program Manager – Youth

Brent Balog, Program Manager