Community Input for a Better Clackamas

Shaping Tomorrow, Together: Clackamas County Community Planning

Clackamas County is so many things. Bob’s Red Mill. AntFarm Cafe and Bakery. The Oregon City Elevator. We support sectors like agriculture, timber and manufacturing. As the third largest county in the Portland-Metro region our geographic footprint extends from the base of Mt Hood to Wilsonville. Many nonprofit organizations and community groups in Clackamas County are interested in learning how we can better work together to continue to meet the needs of everyone who calls this wonderful community work or home. 

As part of the Community Input for a Better Clackamas, we want to know – what makes our region the best place to live, work or do business?


Clackamas Workforce Partnership has brought together partners from across the region with a shared goal of learning what makes Clackamas County a great place to work and live. This work will help to elevate the region’s reputation and energize the local community to all of the incredible progress we are making, as well as create a greater awareness of resources and services available, and increase collaboration between organizations, businesses and government.

We want to hear from you – and your community. We cannot tell the county’s story alone. CWP will be leveraging its channels to engage and inform the public about this initiative and encourage them to take our survey. We are working with partners across the county to ensure the survey reaches a wide network of audiences, capturing a diverse perspective of our community.


Ways to Support, Our Message

The call to action for our survey is that we are encouraging our residents, community organizations and businesses to share why they love living and working here, and what we as a county could be doing better, ideas on how to make needed changes, and what are the potential benefits of these ideas.

Get Involved!

  • Take the Survey, Share it with family, friends and your community
  • Join our steering committee – applications are open to the public
  • Post on your social media pages