Our Impact

Economic Growth Through A Skilled Workforce

The Clackamas Workforce Partnership is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to building a strong workforce in Clackamas County. Through public-private partnerships, we attract funding to help local businesses proactively address a key challenge to their success—a skilled, competitive workforce. As a convener of public-private partnerships, we oversee the public workforce system in Clackamas County. Our work is to help our system work better on behalf of all of our customers. 

Our Impact Statement

13 Functions Of A WIOA Workforce Board

  • Develop A Local Plan
  • Regional Research & Labor Market Analysis
  • Convening, Brokering, Leveraging
  • Promote Employer Engagement
  • Career& Pathways Development
  • Prove & Promising Practices
  • Technology
  • Program Oversight
  • Negotiation Of Local Performance
  • Selection Of Operators & Providers
  • Coordination With Education Providers
  • Budget & Administration
  • Accessibility For Individuals With Disabilities

For More Information

For more information on programs and services currently be served through Clackamas Workforce Partnership, please contact Jan Filgas.
Jan Filgas, Senior Program Manager