Childcare And Early Learning


The lack of accessible, affordable childcare is a national crisis and Clackamas County is no exception. Our country has long experienced a shortage of affordable childcare options: there are simply not enough program slots to accommodate local families and the cost of available slots are often too burdensome for working parents. 

childcare statistics

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Percentage of children age two and under in Clackamas County that have access to a childcare slot.​
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Percentage of annual income that a minimum wage earner with one child spends on childcare in Clackamas.

Childcare Advocacy

Quality childcare services are integral to the positive development and growth of children and families hardest hit by this crisis are often those already facing the greatest barriers to social mobility and economic equality including Black Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), low and middle income families, rural residents, single parents and nontraditional families and women. The impact of this crisis extends beyond the families directly effected to include local employers and communities. 

CWP, in partnership with Clackamas Education Service District has worked with local governments and key decision makers to draw attention to this issue and to take the first steps towards longer term solutions, including changes in policy to be more provider-friendly. 
CWP and CESD has co-facilitated multiple community convening’s that have brought together an array of stakeholders concerned with childcare accessibility, including childcare providers, parents and families, elected leaders, social and human service representatives, business owners, employers and PreK – Adult education. In the cities of Happy Valley and Sandy, this has led to changes in local zoning and permitting policies to better accommodate the needs of childcare providers in their efforts to serve more families. 

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For more information, please contact Bridget Dazey or Brent Balog.

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