Economic Professionals in Oregon Identify Childcare as Hindrance to a Growing Workforce

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 6/21/2021 Clackamas County, Oregon: The childcare industry in the State of Oregon was in crisis prior to the onset of COVID-19; the pandemic and resulting economic fallout exacerbated existing issues that were impacting both childcare/early learning professionals and working families. Most employment opportunities for childcare professionals are part-time, low-wage, and do not […]

Older Workforce in Clackamas County and Retirement Trends in America

by Lynn Wallis June 1, 2021 The number and share of older workers in Clackamas County has been growing over time. Since 2015, the number of older workers has grown by 4,553 or by 1.3%. There are now nearly one in four workers in the county who are 55 years and older Industries Employing the Older […]

Difficult to Fill Job Openings in 2020

This article was written by Jessica Nelson and is reposted with permission from the State of Oregon Employment Department. Oregon’s most recent economic expansion lasted a decade, ending in the first months of 2020. The rapid onset of the COVID-19 pandemic changed the economic trend virtually overnight. While the pandemic recession was deep and the […]

Working Together for a Better Clackamas

The challenges before us are not easy to tackle – identifying solutions requires an immense amount of innovation, piloting and adapting. Perhaps most critical to finding solutions is by strengthening the workforce through proactive collaboration amongst a wide range of partners – from academic to the private sector to youth and our local government. Innovation […]