About Us

Clackamas Workforce Partnership

At CWP, we are driven to lead and help reach community-driven goals. Our team is focused on building an inclusive workforce system that promotes innovation, responsiveness, and transparency.

  • Be honest, accountable, and results driven. Respect others time and expertise.
  • Go above and beyond. Actively listen and practice empathy.
  • Create a system that builds relationships. Encourage equity and community decision making. Value contributions of community, public, private, and nonprofit partners.
  • Passion for serving others is core to the CWP culture.

You cannot be truly successful at Clackamas Workforce Partnership unless you are passionate about serving the needs of our community. 

Review Your Next Best Place to Work

Why would you want to work for CWP? We value diversity and love to hear different perspectives and points of view. We like a good challenge. We believe in the power of vocation. What works for one team member does not work for all – and that’s fine by us. We are flexible and learn from each other. A few other perks:

  • Family and animal-friendly
  • Strong healthcare options and benefits
  • Encourage work-life balance
  • Professional development
  • Mission-driven

Meet The Team

Click on the sections below to read our full staff bios. For more information about CWP, please contact Jennie Madrigal at jennie.madrigal@clackamasworkforce.org or call us at 503-657-6644.

Bridget Dazey

Executive Director

Amanda Wall

Community Relations Manager

Amy Black

Senior Program Manager - Youth

Amy Oakley

Senior Program Manager

Brent Balog

Senior Program Manager

Bryan Fuentez

Associate Director

Jennie Madrigal

Executive Assistant

Laura Kropf

Fiscal + Contract Manager

Samir Randolph

Senior Business Services Manager

General Questions about Workforce Development in Clackamas County