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Click here for workforce resources available in response to COVID-19
Clackamas Workforce Partnership

Workforce Resources in Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 is having a negative impact on workers and businesses throughout our region and its effects will surely be felt for some time. Clackamas Workforce Partnership is closely monitoring resources that are likely to be available to us due to our status as the Workforce Development Board and we will pursue those opportunities when they are made available. It is essential that low-income and other underserved communities have priority access to available resources.

We are working to influence the thinking around a number of policy changes to lessen the burden on area workers and will engage our partners to get an assessment of needs and ideas for strategies to address them. We support the letter that was sent to Governor Brown, Senate President Courtney and House Speaker Kotek advocating for specific relief for workers in our region impacted by COVID-19. We are also advocating for federal increases in WIOA Title I to support wage subsidies, stipends, re-employment and other transitional supports.

Rapid Response Information for Local Businesses in Clackamas County

Local Rapid Response teams can help you navigate through this challenging process and assist with the development and implementation of a transition strategy.

Many services are funded through WIOA and are offered at no cost to you or your workers. Early involvement is essential to helping workers prepare to re-enter the workforce as quick and seamless as possible.

Click here to link to the local Rapid Response for Layoff Aversion within Clackamas County

State of Oregon Workforce System Rapid Response

Links to Related COVID-19 Information in Clackamas County

Links to Related COVID-19 Information for our Region

Additional Resources

As we continue to deploy information quickly during this National COVID-19 Emergency, we want to recommend that you use websites as your primary form of information. Websites are live platforms where the latest information on responses will be posted. Since the information will be updated first, using these sites eliminates the version control issues of guidance documents or emails that may become old in a matter of hours. Using the websites keeps us all, literally, on the same page during such a fluid situation.

Please use the following websites as your guide:

If you don't find the answers to your questions at the above websites, here are two email accounts that are being monitored to assist with your questions.

Please note these email boxes are being actively staffed and folks are responding as quickly as possible, but please be patient as you can imagine the level of volume and work being experienced.


About Clackamas Workforce Partnership

Clackamas Workforce Partnership, formerly known as Workforce Investment Council of Clackamas County, is a nonprofit organization which serves as an advocate for workforce development within Clackamas County and the State of Oregon. Our mission is to address critical workforce, educational, and training challenges, and develop a skilled workforce that meets the needs of businesses and strengthens the local economy of Clackamas County. Learn more about us.