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Clackamas Workforce Partnership

CareOregon grant goes to Clackamas County program to move working poor families out of poverty

CareOregon has given $94,000 from its community benefit grants program to support the Clackamas Workforce Partnership, in Clackamas County. The funds will go to a pilot project designed to move working poor families out of poverty by giving them the skills and education they need to get stable employment.

“Partner organizations around Clackamas County met two years ago to discuss strategies to move working poor families out of poverty,” said Bridget Dazey, executive director. That resulted in the launch of the Gladstone/McLoughlin Job Smart Program in Oct. 2014. The project was designed to break the cycle of poverty for low-income working parents of Clackamas County Children’s Commission’s Head Start and Early Head Start children. The project provides parents with training and employment services that would move them into stable employment with benefits, resulting in individual well-being, family stability, healthy children who are kindergarten-ready and strong communities.

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Posted on March 2, 2016.

About Clackamas Workforce Partnership

Clackamas Workforce Partnership, formerly known as Workforce Investment Council of Clackamas County, is a nonprofit organization which serves as an advocate for workforce development within Clackamas County and the State of Oregon. Our mission is to address critical workforce, educational, and training challenges, and develop a skilled workforce that meets the needs of businesses and strengthens the local economy of Clackamas County. Learn more about us.