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Success Stories: Lupita Martinez

C-TEC Youth Services Summer Youth Academy 2006

Lupita Martinez registered with C-TEC Youth Services at age 20 years old when she enrolled in YPOP (Young Parent Opportunity Program) to complete her high school diploma. At the time, Lupita was 3 months pregnant and was also parenting a 3 year old son. Educationally, she was lacking 6 credits necessary to earn her high school diploma. Lupita faced multiple barriers to her success. They included being basic skills deficient, high school credit deficient, lacking dependable childcare, pregnant and parenting and receiving public assistance (food stamps and the Oregon Health Plan).

Through her C-TEC site provider at Clackamas Community College, Lupita received comprehensive guidance & counseling, leadership development opportunities, tuition assistance for high school credit recovery, bus tickets, and interview & office work clothes. Lupita completed the following occupational skill trainings through C-TEC Youth Services: Customer Service, Teen Mediation, CPR/First Aid and Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect.

After completing her high school diploma and numerous occupational skills trainings through C-TEC Youth Services, Lupita decided to apply for a spot in the 2006 Summer Youth Academy program. Lupita was accepted into the SYA, and received two weeks of paid training, including one week of industry-specific training in the General Office pathway. Erin Barrow, the Youth Employment Coordinator/Advisor for C-TEC Youth Services, placed Lupita with Clackamas Community Federal Credit Union (CCFCU) for six weeks of paid work experience. Lupita excelled at her placement through the Summer Youth Academy. Supervisors at CCFCU were so impressed with Lupita's work ethic and positive attitude that they created a position to maintain her as a full-time employee after the completion of the Summer Youth Academy. To date, Lupita is still successfully employed at the Clackamas Community Federal Credit Union and has increased her wages by 35% since June 2006 and is also receiving full benefits.

Adding to her life's path, she is now happily married to her husband Olegario and raising both their 5 year old son, Fernando, and almost 2 year old daughter, Fatima. Lupita's academic and employment success is based largely on her tremendous work-ethic and dependability. Additionally, C-TEC Youth Service's partnership with the Clackamas Community Federal Credit Union through the 2006 Summer Youth Academy provided Lupita the opportunity to practice her new skills and build her own career pathway to success. Bridging the gap to employment which has grown to family-wage earnings has been a gigantic leap in the right direction for Lupita's career.


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