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Success Stories: Jeff Groner

At-Risk Student Graduates, Gets Job and Believes He’s ‘Ford Tough’

By eighth grade, there was concern that Jeff Groner would end up a high school dropout. To prevent that from happening, the staff at Canby High School took a special interest in Jeff as a person, and in his academic successes. Looking back on his high school experience, Jeff remembers attending the first few years of high school, though he admits to not being totally present.

Jeff’s senior year further tested his determination with several family losses and personal tragedies. But with a strong support system of friends and staff – and the insistence from his WIA provider –Jeff earned his driver’s license in May 2005 and by June, he had graduated.

On hand to celebrate his graduation were proud relatives and Canby High School staff members, one who commented that he was now able to retire the ‘poking stick’ he used solely to keep Jeff headed in the direction of that diploma.

Today Jeff is gainfully employed at D & L Machines, a machine shop located in Molalla, where he enjoys working with his hands and can make his way into the next stage of his life. And Jeff wants everyone to know that he is straight up country folk and believes he is Ford Tough.


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