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Clackamas Workforce Partnership

Success Stories: Brandon Robinson

From Good to Great

Brandon left high school at the age of 17 because of multiple barriers that he faced. He transferred to an alternative school and began working towards earning his GED. At that point, he connected with C-TEC Youth Services wanting to take advantage of the variety of services they had to offer. C-TEC ensured that he had suitable transportation to make it to class daily and assisted with monthly bus passes. After six months of diligent studying, he earned his GED certificate!

Continuing to strengthen his work ethic, Brandon has never missed a beat. He stayed busy in the summer of 2005 working on a restoration crew through the Clackamas County Environmental Youth Corps to maintain local parks and nature trails. His fellow crewmembers were lucky to have his expertise as he has participated on multiple crews over the past year.

Towards fall, Brandon wanted to work more consistently. He expanded his job search and attended the Employment Made Possible Youth Lab at the Oregon City Employment Department’s One-Stop twice weekly. Knowing that first impressions are one of the keys to getting hired, C-TEC assisted Brandon in acquiring a professional interviewing outfit. With staff guidance and his effort, he is happily working at Target as their Electronics Specialist in camera sales.

Brandon is openly appreciative of the services that he has received. He shared his experiences as a teen panel member for the Department of Human Services Teen Stakeholder event held at Clackamas Community College on October 5, 2005.

With C-TEC’s support, Brandon transitioned to the Clackamas Community College for further training and education. In October 2005, he completed the OR Dept. of Public Safety Standards and Training and Shoplifting training to increase his options with Target. Brandon continues to balance being a full-time student at Clackamas Community College and maintaining full-time employment with a 5-year goal of becoming an automotive technician.


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