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Clackamas Workforce Partnership

Clackamas Workforce Partnership

Economic growth through a skilled workforce

The Clackamas Workforce Partnership (formerly known as Workforce Investment Council of Clackamas County) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to building a strong workforce in Clackamas County. Through public-private partnerships, we attract funding to help local businesses proactively address a key challenge to their success—a skilled, competitive workforce.

For Job Seekers

The Clackamas Workforce Partnership funds key community agencies that provide employment and training solutions for job seekers and laid off workers through WorkSource Clackamas. We work to prepare individuals for in-demand jobs that lead to solid career options including skills assessment, career information, workforce consultations, job search assistance, and training and education. Find out more

For Business & Industry

The Clackamas Workforce Partnership makes critical investments in workforce training and education so that businesses can be competitive and prosperous. Our workforce initiatives and programs are employment and training solutions that save businesses time, money and energy in finding and retaining a highly skilled workforce. Find out more

For Community Partners & Educators

We work with training partners as well as community organizations to help support adult and teen job seekers and upgrade their skills. The business community relies on all of us to deliver services that meet their need for qualified employees. Find out more

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About Clackamas Workforce Partnership

Clackamas Workforce Partnership, formerly known as Workforce Investment Council of Clackamas County, is a nonprofit organization which serves as an advocate for workforce development within Clackamas County and the State of Oregon. Our mission is to address critical workforce, educational, and training challenges, and develop a skilled workforce that meets the needs of businesses and strengthens the local economy of Clackamas County. Learn more about us.